The Isle of Spice - Grenada

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Exotic Tropical Island

Grenada West Indies

Grenada, an emerald on the golden chain of Caribbean islands, an island of year-round warmth and sun with temperatures averaging 80F-85F (26-30C) in the day and 68F-75F (20-24C) at night - everyone's dream of an exotic tropical paradise.

The "Spice Isle" of the Caribbean

Called the "Spice Isle" of the Caribbean, Grenada's soil and climate are ideal for the growth of nutmeg and mace, cinnamon and clove, ginger and bay leaf, as well as some of the worlds finest cocoa and bananas. The aroma of spices fills the forests after gentle rainy season showers.

Grenada West Indies

St. George's the Capital

Grenada West Indies

The capital city of St. George's has been called the most charming harbour town in the western hemisphere.

Brick houses dot the hills rising from the harbour and 18th century church steeples stand out against the skies.

Friendly & authentic Caribbean charm

The friendly charm of the Grenadian people is one of the island's most valuable resources. Add to this exciting local cuisine, special island rhytmus, sparkling mountain streams and waterfalls.

As with other Caribbean countries the population is a mixture of races, living in harmony, and evenly throughout the State.

Grenada West Indies

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